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Jeanne Carbonetti

As an artist, Jeanne believes strongly in the power of Beauty to enhance the quality of life because of its ability to bring opposites together in harmony. For Jeanne, Art is not a luxury, it is a necessity, not for society, but for every individual as well.

"The meaning of the Tao, to me, is the essence of life. It is the meaning behind all meanings, and the One Truth that is the ground of our being. I believe that this truth, taught by all the great sacred texts, is that everything is one, that all is part of the whole, and each piece, therefore, is valid. But the only way to experience this oneness is to become one with our own selves."

                     - from the Forward in The Tao of Watercolor

    The primary medium for Jeanne's work is watercolor, and she has developed a unique method for emphasizing the fluidity of transparent color. She uses this technique to reinforce her special vision: the theme of natural rhythms. The viewer is transported to that moment in time and space where clinical reality ends and another dimension, a more essential reality, begins. In that moment when heaven meets earth, the viewer is constantly reminded of the beauty and fragility of human life within the great circle of nature's rhythmic unity.

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